We are committed to maintaining high product quality, conducting thorough inspections on every item before shipment. If our product does not meet your expectations, please contact us directly for assistance. For returns or warranty claims related to orders placed on our official website, please contact us via customer@eletriclife.com.

All our products come with a standard limited warranty.
The warranty period (as defined below) begins on the day of package delivery (not the order date).
The warranty will not cover tampering, modification, or opening of the product.
The warranty only covers standard defects(Quality issues with the product itself).
Eletriclife.com will provide replacement or repair advice.

We are responsible for addressing any product quality issues that arise during the warranty period (applicable to quality issues not caused by human factors). For instance, we will provide free spare parts, cover shipping costs, or offer a certain amount of refund as compensation for repairs (Except for full refund and resend ).

All our products come with a 1-year (within 12 months from the delivery date) service warranty.

Please send us a message with your order number, model number, and a description of what happened to your received product.


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